Cory Batz Dance 2014

Westfield School has hosted a “Cory Dance” for the past three years. The dance is organized by Cory’s former teachers and PTO members.  Each year, they’ve invited us to share Cory’s story to the students and in the process, the children and parents bring gifts to help with our mission during the holidays.

We travel to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee with over 1,000 gifts for the past three Decembers to help lift the spirits of children, who are receiving treatments during the holiday season.

Cory’s Project would like to express our deepest gratitude to Westfield School and the Winthrop Harbor community with their donations to our mission.

December, 2014-we had Beulah Park School in Zion, Illinois participate with their student council members coming to drop off more gifts for our mission.  Thank you for your involvement in Cory’s Project.

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