Cory’s Project was started in November, 2012. It rose out of the need to help others that are currently involved in the battle against pediatric cancer. Our mission is to assist children and their families residing in the Pediatric Cancer Unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our son, Cory Batz, lost  his battle with T-cell lymphoma at the tender young age of 16, on July 31, 2012. Throughout his seven month fight, Cory never lost his faith in God, his strength or his courage. He never said, “why me?”. If not for his faith in God and his knowledge of where he was going if he didn’t make it, his battle would have been far more difficult. We are so proud of Cory and look forward to seeing him again in Heaven.

In honor of our son’s memory and his love of the Lord, we are blessed to be able to help others in similar battles. We invite you to join us.

Who we are?

We are parents of Cory Batz, Dale and Michele. Cory was our only child.  To assist with this endeavor, we’ve surrounded ourselves with wonderful people, our board.

Our Board of Directors:

Michele Batz, President

Teri Comerford, Vice-President

Sam Merlock, Secretary

Zach Richards, Treasurer

Holly Rossman

Michael Cliff

**Special Thank You-Brandon Comerford, Web Master**





Annually, the first Saturday in December, we host a celebration to collect gifts for the children in the HOT Unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Doners bring new toys, games and gift cards for the children. We have raffles, auctions and an overall good time. On the second Saturday, we travel to Children’s in Milwaukee to deliver those gifts. (Big doings up there as or arrival is highly anticipated.)   Every year hundreds of gifts have been handed out to the children. Smiles come a little easier that day, both for the little guys and for us, along with our many voulanteers. An abundance of gifts means it can take several months to hand them all out…it’s beautiful and so fulfilling.

What we do?

In addition to providing gifts to the young patients in the HOT unit, we provide financial support to families that need it the most. Our goal is to  help them meet their financial needs so they can spend more time with their hospitalized children. Remember, one parent normally quits their job to spend 24 hours a day in their child’s room. We receive guidance from the social workers, nurses and staff.

We received amazing support from our local communities. (Winthrop Harbor, Zion and Beach Park, IL and more.) Schools find this charity to be a wonderful way to expose children to charitable giving. If you’re reading this, you know how important that is.  We are available to come to your schools and groups to talk to students about Cory’s Project.



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