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Cory’s Project has supporters throughout the United States.  Our mission continues to grow as our cause becomes known throughout many different communities. Oftentimes, children with pediatric cancer and their  families need support, both spiritually and financially during ongoing and prolonged cancer treatments. In addition, gifts during the Christmas season provide a needed smile to children that find it so hard to be happy.


Simply put….”donations”.  During a child’s cancer treatments, one parent usually stays with the child in the hospital. Obviously this helps comfort the child, and strangely enough…the parents too. Trust me when I say the parents don’t want to miss a thing and can also be of great assistance to the doctors and nurses. Nobody knows a child better than mom and dad. Chemotherapy, radiation treatments and bone marrow transplants can last for months at a time, often recurring even after the child is declared “in remission”. In today’s world, most families rely on two incomes. One of those incomes is lost during a time when money is needed worse than ever. This is where Cory’s Project shines. We assist family’s with some basic needs while they are fighting their battle.  With the help of the wonderful social workers in the HOT Unit (Hematology, Oncology and Transplant) at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, (CHOW) , Cory’s Project is striving to help families with gas money, food money or a special gift to lift their spirits. Occasionally, a special emergency funding drive is implemented in response to a plea from the HOT Unit staff. We rely on your heart and generosity to help in these trying times.


Cory’s Project is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. All donations are tax deductible.  You can help our cause by donating online, dropping off a check or participating in our special events held throughout the year.  We must continue to give to the children and their families that are fighting cancer.






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